Lawrence J. Tartaglia

Lawrence grew up in New Jersey where he attended Rutgers University. He began his research career as an undergraduate and parlayed it into a master’s degree in which he studied the psychrophilic ice worm, Mesenchytraeus solifugus, under the supervision of Dr. Daniel H. Shain. He used molecular and biochemical techniques to determine how ice worm microtubules remain functional at low physiological temperatures. During the final months of his masters he went to Alaska and trekked across glaciers to retrieve these elusive worms.

Lawrence joined Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna’s lab in the spring of 2008. His current research project involves developing constructs to express recombinant integrins in a baculovirus expression system. He plans on characterizing the structural contacts made between AAV2 and its integrin co-receptors via x-ray crystallography and/or cryo-electron microscopy.

In his spare time he enjoys attending UF sporting events, running, bodyboarding, and going to Disney World.

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