Mayank Aggarwal

A firm believer of karma (destiny) and karm (action). Most things Mayank was always sure about not pursuing, pursued him. He hated bioinformatics and biochemistry. Ironically, his B.Tech thesis (2007) under Dr. Sudha Srivastava involved the use of both biochemistry and bioinfo to design drugs against Hepatitis E Virus. His M.S. thesis (2009) under the guidance of Dr. Nicholas Panasik Jr. was entirely a bioinformatics approach to uncovering factors responsible for imparting thermostability to proteins, and now he is enrolled in the Department of Biochemistry working with Dr. Robert McKenna on drug designing (again). Mayank has authored and coauthored various publications during the course of his Ph.D, and has also won few academic awards such as UF Alumni Graduate Fellowship (2009-2012), UF Grinter Fellowship (2009-2011), UF Medical Guild Research Incentive Award (2011), American Cystallography Association (ACA) Travel Grant (2011) and ACA Best Poster award (2011). Besides his main research, he is also involved with modeling and docking studies on MnSOD, HIV1 gp120, MCT1, gp8 (beta clamp loader) assisting other labs in and outside UF.

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