Shweta Kailasan

Shweta grew up in the suburbs of Mumbai, India. She moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina in 2005 to earn a degree in Biotechnology with a full scholarship. She commenced her research career as a sophomore with a summer internship at Princeton University, NJ under Dr. Alison Gammie studying yeast mating factors. She also worked as an HHMI sponsored undergraduate researcher & MARPLE scholar in Dr. Nicholas Panasik's laboratory for 3 years where her research focused on understanding thermostability in pschrophilic enzymes. She also took up another summer internship at Bayer Healthcare, India the following year in efforts to experience Biotech entrepreneurship. This experience led to pursuing a MS in Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University with a special focus in Biotech enterprise. Upon graduating, she decided to work towards a doctoral degree to expand her research skills which will make her a better candidate to someday work for a biotech company or start one of her own. Shweta joined UF and Dr. Mavis A. McKenna's lab in 2010 where she is working towards structurally characterizing human bocavirus and some of the initial steps of its life-cycle. Her hobbies include painting, cooking, traveling and watching movies. She also enjoys watching football and is an ardent fan of an English football club, Manchester United.

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