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Opie, S.R., K.H. Warrington Jr, M. Agbandje-McKenna, S. Zolotukhin, N. Muzyczka.2003. Identification of amino acid residues in the capsid proteins of adeno-associated virus type 2 that contribute to heparan sulfate proteoglycan binding. J. Virology, 77:6995-7006.
Opie 2003

Duda, D.M., L. Govindasamy, C. Tu, M. Qian, M. Agbandje-McKenna, D. N. Silverman, R. McKenna. 2003. The refined atomic structure of carbonic anhydrase II at 1.05 resolution: Implications of chemical rescue of proton transfer. Acta Cryst., D59:93-104.
Duda 2003

Govindasamy, L., K. Hueffer, C. R. Parrish, M. Agbandje-McKenna, M. 2003. The structures of host range controlling regions of the capsids of canine and feline parvoviruses and mutants. J. of Virology. 77:12211-12221.
Govindasamy 2003

Kaludov, N., E. Padron, L. Govindasamy, R. McKenna, J. A. Chiorini, M. Agbandje-McKenna. 2003. Production, purification and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of Adeno-associated virus serotype 4. Virology, 306:1-6.
Kaludov 2003

Wu, D., L. Govindasamy, W. Lian, Y. Gu, T. Kukar, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna. 2003. Structure of human carnitine acetyltransferase:Molecular basis for fatty acyl transfer. JBC., 278:13159-13165.
Wu 2003

Hueffer, K, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna,C. R. Parrish. 2003. Combinations of two capsid regions controlling canine host range determine canine transferrin receptor binding by canine and feline parvoviruses. J. of Virology 77: 10099-10105.
Hueffer 2003

Gumz, M. L., D. Duda, R. McKenna, C. S. Wingo, B. D. Cain. 2003. Molecular modeling of the rabbit colonic (HKa2a) H+, K+, ATPase. J. Mol. Model, 9:283-289.
Gumz 2003

Lian W., Y. Gu, B. Pedersen, T. Kukar, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, S. Jin, R. McKenna, D. Wu. 2003. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies on recombinant rat choline acetyltransferase. Acta Cryst., D60: 374-375.
lian 2003

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