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Walters R.W., M. Agbandje-McKenna, V.B. Bowman, T.O. Moninger, N.H. Olson, M. Seiler, J. A. Chiorini, T.S. Baker, J. Zabner. 2004. Structure of adeno-associated virus serotype 5. J. Virology, 78:3361-71.
Walters 2004

Lian W., Y. Gu, B. Pedersen, T. Kukar, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, S. Jin, R. McKenna, D. Wu. 2004. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies on recombinant rat choline acetyltransferase. Acta Cryst., D60: 374-375.
Lian 2004

Casado, C.G., G.J. Ortiz, E. Padron, S. Bean, R. McKenna, M. Agbandje-McKenna, M. I. Boulton. 2004. Isolation and characterization of subgenomic DNAs encapsidated in “single” icosahedral particles of Maize steak virus. Virology, 323:164-171.
Casado 2004

Reutzel, R., C. Yoshioka, L. Govindasamy, E. G. Yarmola, M. Agbandje-McKenna, M. R. Bubb, R. McKenna. 2004. Actin crystal dynamics: Structural implications for F-actin nucleation, polymerization and branching mediated by the anti-parallel dimer. J. Structural Bio., 146:291-301.
Reutzel 2004

Govindasamy, L., T. Kukar, W. Lian, B. Pedersen, Y. Gu, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna, D. Wu. 2004. Structural and mutational characterization of L-carnitine binding to human carnitine acetyltransferase. J. Structural Bio., 146:416-424.
Govindasamy 2004a

Govindasamy, L., R. Reutzel, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna. 2004. Structural determination of a partial hemihedral twinned actin crystal. Acta Cryst., D60:1040-1047.
Govindasamy 2004b

Govindasamy, L., B. Pedersen, W. Lian, T. Kukar, M. Agbandje-McKenna, D. Wu, R. McKenna. 2004. Structural insights and functional implications of choline acetyltransferase. J. Structural Bio., 148:226-235.
Govindasamy 2004c

Clemente, J. C., R. E. Moose, R. Hemrajani, L. R. S. Whitford, L. Govindasamy , R. Reutzel, R. McKenna, M. Agbandje-McKenna, M. M. Goodenow, B. M. Dunn. 2004. Comparing the accumulation of active site and non-active site mutations in the HIV-1 protease. Biochemistry, 43:12141-12151.
Clemente 2004

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