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Miller, E. B., B. Gurda-Whitaker, L. Govindasamy, R. McKenna, S. Zolotukhin, N. Muzyczka, M. Agbandje-McKenna. 2006. Production, purification and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of adeno-associated virus serotype 1. Acta Cryst., F62:1271-1274.
Miller 2006

Van Vliet, K., V. Blouin, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. O. Snyder. 2006. Proteolytic mapping of the adeno-associated virus capsid. Molecular Therapy, 14:809-821.
Van Vliet 2006

Govindasamy,L., E. Padron, R. McKenna, N. Muzyczka, N. Kaludov, J. A. Chiorini,M. Agbandje-McKenna. 2006. Structurally mapping the diverse phenotype of adeno-associated virus serotype 4. Journal of Virology, 80:11556-11570.
Govindasamy 2006

Wu, Z., A. Asokan,J. C. Grieger, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. J. Samulski. 2006. Single amino acid changes can influence titer, heparin binding, and tissue tropism in different adeno-associated virus serotypes. Journal of Virology, 80:11393-11397.
Wu 2006b

Nam,H.-J., B. Gurda-Whitaker, W. Y. Gan, S. Ilaria, R. McKenna, P. Mehta, R. A. Alvarez, M. Agbandje-McKenna. 2006. Identification of the sialic acid structures recognized by minute virus of mice and the role of binding affinity in virulence adaptation. Journal of Bio. Chem. 281:25670-25677.
Nam 2006

Asokan, A., J. B. Hamra, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. J. Samulski. 2006. Adeno-associated virus type 2 contains an integrin a5b1 binding domain essential for viral cell entry. Journal of Virology, 80:8961-8969.
Asokan 2006

Wu, Z., E. Miller, E., M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. J. Samulski. 2006. a2,3 and a2,6 N-linked sialic acids facilitate efficient binding and transduction by Adeno-associated virus types 1 and 6. Journal of Virology, 80:9093-9103.
Wu 2006a

Sitharam, M., M.Agbandje-McKenna. 2006. Modeling virus self-assembly pathways: avoiding dynamics using geometric constraint decomposition. J Comput Biol., 13(6):1232-1265.
Sitharam 2006

Fisher, S. Z., L. Govindasamy, N. Boyle, M. Agbandje-McKenna, D. N. Silverman, G. M. Blackburn, R. McKenna. 2006. X-ray crystallographic studies reveal that the incorporation of spacer groups in carbonic anhydrase inhibitors causes alternate binding modes. Acta Cryst., F62:618-622.
Fisher 2006b

Clemente, J. C., R. M. Coman, M. M. Thiaville, L. K. Janka, J. A. Jeung, S. Nukoolkarn, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna,W. Leelamanit, M. M. Goodenow, B. M. Dunn. 2006. Analysis of HIV-1 CRF_01 A/E protease inhibitor resistance: Structural determinants for maintaining sensitivity and developing resistance to atazanavir. Biochemistry, 45:5468-5477.
Clemente 2006b

López-Bueno, A., M. P. Rubio, N. Bryant, R. McKenna, M. Agbandje-McKenna, J. M. Almendral. 2006. Host selection of subtle topological changes at the sialic acid binding pocket of the parvovirus capsid modulating cell binding affinity drastically determine virulence. J. Virol., 80:1563-1573.
López-Bueno 2006

Fisher, S. Z., I. Tariku, N. M. Case, C. K. Tu, T. Seron, D. N. Silverman, P. J. Linser, R. McKenna. 2006. Expression, purification, kinetic, and structural characterization of an a- class carbonic anhydrase from Aedes aegypti (AaCA1). Biochim Biophys Acta. 1746:1413-1419.
Fisher 2006c

Clemente, J. C., L. Govindasamy, A. Madabushi, R. E. Moose, C. A. Yowell, K. Hidaka, T. Kimura, Y. Hayashi, Y. Kiso, M. Agbandje-McKenna, J. B. Dame, B. M. Dunn, R. McKenna. 2006. X-ray crystal structure of the aspartic protease plasmepsin 4 from the malarial parasite plasmodium malariae bound to an allophenylnorstatine based inhibitor. Acta Cryst., D62:246-252.
Clemente 2006a

Quint, P., R. Reutzel, R. Mikulski, R. McKenna, D. N. Silverman. 2006. Structure and catalytic inhibition of nitrated human Mn superoxide dismutase: Mechanism of inactivation in conditions of oxidative stress. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 40:453-458.
Quint 2006

Fisher, S. Z., L. Govindasamy, C. K. Tu, M. Agbandje-McKenna, D. N. Silverman, H. J. Rajaniemi, R. McKenna. 2006. Structure of human salivary a-amylase crystallized in a C-centered monoclinic space group. Acta Cryst., F62: 88-93.
Fisher 2006a

Budayova-Spano, M., S. Z. Fisher, M.-T. Dauvergne, M. Agbandje-McKenna, D. N. Silverman, D. A. A. Myles, R. McKenna. 2006. Production and X-ray crystallographic analysis of fully deuterated human carbonic anhydrase II. Acta Cryst., F62: 6-9.
Budayova-Spano 2006

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