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Zhong L., B. Li, G. Jayandharan, C.S. Mah, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R.W. Herzog, K.A. Weigel-Van Aken, J.A. Hobbs , S. Zolotukhin, N. Muzyczka, A. Srivastava. 2008. Tyrosine-phosphorylation of AAV2 vectors and its consequences on viral intracellular trafficking and transgene expression. Virology. 381:194-202.
Zhong 2008

Etingov I., R. Itah, M. Mincberg, A. Keren-Naus, H.J. Nam, M. Agbandje-McKenna, C. Davis. 2008. An extension of the Minute Virus of Mice tissue tropism. Virology. 379:245-55.
Etingov 2008

Sippel K.H., A.H. Robbins, R. Reutzel, J. Domsic, S. K. Boehlein, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, C. J. Rosser, R. McKenna. 2008. Structure determination of the cancer-associated Mycoplasma hyorhinis protein Mh-p37. Acta Crystallogr D., D64:1172-1178.
Sippel 2008

Domsic J.F., B. Sankara Avvaru, C.U. Kim, S.M. Gruner, M. Agbandje-McKenna, D.N. Silverman, R. McKenna. 2008. Entrapment of carbon dioxide in the active site of carbonic anhydrase II. J.B.C. 283: 30766-30771.
Domsic 2008

Maupin C.M., M.G. Saunders, I.F. Thorpe, R. McKenna, D.N. Silverman, G.A. Voth. 2008. Origins of enhanced proton transport in the Y7F mutant of human carbonic anhydrase II. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130:11399 -11408.
Maupin 2008

Pepin, K.M., J. Domsic, R. McKenna. 2008. Genomic evolution in a virus under specific selection for host recognition. Infect. Genet. Evol. 8:825-834.
Pepin 2008

Peterson K.E., S. Pourciau, M. Du , R. LaCasse, M. Pathmajeyan, D. Poulsen, M. Agbandje-McKenna, K. Wehrly, B. Chesebro. 2008. Neurovirulence of polytropic murine retrovirus is influenced by two separate regions on opposite sides of the envelope protein receptor binding domain. J. Virol. 82:8906-8910.
Peterson 2008

Schmidt M., L. Govindasamy, S. Afione, N. Kaludov, M. Agbandje-McKenna, J.A. Chiorini. 2008. Molecular characterization of the heparin dependent transduction domain on the capsid of a novel Adeno-associated virus isolate, AAV(VR-942). J Virol. 82:8911-8916.
Schmidt 2008

Bennett A., R. McKenna, M. Agbandje-McKenna. 2008. A comparative analysis of the structural architecture of ssDNA viruses. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. 9:183-196.
Bennett 2008

Zhong L., B. Li, C.S. Mah, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, M. Cooper, R.W. Herzog, I. Zolotukhin, K.H. Warrington Jr., K.A. Weigel-Van Aken, J.A. Hobbs, S. Zolotukhin, N. Muzyczka , A. Srivastava. 2008. Next generation of adeno-associated virus 2 vectors: Point mutations in tyrosines lead to high-efficiency transduction at lower doses. PNAS 105: 7827-7832.
Zhong 2008

Van Vliet K.M., V. Blouin, N. Brument, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R.O. Snyder. 2008. The role of the adeno-associated virus capsid in gene transfer. Methods Mol Biol. 437:51-91. Review.
Van Vliet 2008

Li W., A. Asokan, Z. Wu, T. Van Dyke, N. DiPrimio, J.S. Johnson, L. Govindaswamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, S. Leichtle, D.E. Redmond Jr, T.J. McCown, K.B. Petermann, N.E. Sharpless, R.J. Samulski. 2008. Engineering and selection of shuffled AAV genomes: a new strategy for producing targeted biological nanoparticles. Mol Ther. 16:1252-1260.
Li 2008

Zheng J., B. Sankara Avvaru, C.K. Tu, R. McKenna, D.N. Silverman. 2008. Role of hydrophilic residues in proton transfer during catalysis by human carbonic anhydrase II. Biochemistry 47:12028-12036.
Zheng 2008

DiPrimio N., A. Asokan, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R.J. Samulski. 2008. Surface loop dynamics in adeno-associated virus capsid assembly. J Virol. 82:5178-5189.
DiPrimio 2008

Coman R.M, A.H. Robbins, M.M. Goodenow, B.M. Dunn, R. McKenna. 2008. High-resolution structure of unbound human immunodeficiency virus 1 subtype C protease: Implications of flap dynamics and drug resistance. Acta Crystallogr D 64:754-63.
Coman 2008

Quint P.S, J.F. Domsic, D.E Cabelli, R. McKenna, D.N. Silverman. 2008. Role of a glutamate bridge spanning the dimeric interface of human manganese superoxide dismutase. Biochemistry 47:4621-4628.
Quint 2008

Barrese A.A., C. Genis, S.Z. Fisher, J. Orwenyo, M. T. Kumara, S.K. Dutta, E. Phillips, J.J. Kiddle, C.K. Tu, D.N. Silverman, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna, B. C. Tripp. 2008. Inhibition of carbonic anhydrase II by thioxolone: A mechanistic and structural study. Biochemistry, 47: 3174-3184.
Barrese 2008

Clemente, J.C., A. Robbins, P. Graña, M.R. Paleo, J.F. Correa,M.C. Villaverde,F.J. Sardina, L. Govindasamy, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna, B. M. Dunn, F. Sussman. 2008. Design, synthesis, evaluation, and crystallographic-based structural studies of HIV-1 protease inhibitors with reduced response to the V82A mutation. J. Med. Chem., 51: 852-860.
Clemente 2008

Andersen F.F., B. Knudsen, C.L.P. Oliveira, R.F. Frøhlich, D. Kru¨ger, J. Bungert, M. Agbandje-McKenna, R. McKenna, S. Juul, C. Veigaard, J. Koch, J. L. Rubinstein, B. Guldbrandtsen, M.S. Hede, G. Karlsson, A. H. Andersen, J. S. Pedersen, B. R. Knudsen. 2008. Simple high-yield assembly of a stable octahedral DNA cage. Nucleic Acids Research, 36: 1113-1119.
Andersen 2008

Coman R M., A.H. Robbins, M.A. Fernandez, C.T. Gilliland, A.A. Sochet, M.M. Goodenow, R. McKenna, B.M. Dunn. 2008. The contribution of naturally occurring polymorphisma in altering the biochemical and structural characteristics of HIV-1 subype C protease. Biochemistry, 47: 731-743.
Coman 2008

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